Odoo Erp

Odoo ERP
Not only an account management programme

  • The program is the most user-friendly and cost-effective.
  • Covers all your company's needs where it manages (Accounts-Sales-Manufacturing-Stores-HR-Customer Relationship Management and other departments).
  • Odoo ERP is flexible as it is customized according to your business needs.
  • Easy connectivity and integration with other software and systems.
  • Supports Arabic and many languages.
  • Electronic billing and tax synchronization.
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Many features provided by Odoo

Most cost-effective

Pay only for the jobs you need and the data you use. You don't need to buy Odoo with its full features but you can only buy your current needs and then when you grow development you can expand with Odoo.

Integration and flexibility in operations management

One platform for all operations in the company, ensuring flexibility in operations and implementation, integration. Shared data and workflow between the team make collaboration seamless, and AI-enabled automation increases efficiency.

Real-time insights

The information you need anytime, anywhere and on any device. Cloud ERP from Odoo helps improve everyday operations by providing 24/7 access to business tools and functions from anywhere.

Why choose Peerless for Odoo app? Official Odoo Partner

Highest project completion rate

All of our projects have been completed 100% successfully.

Business Analysis

We analyze works first to identify and resolve gaps during project implementation.

Implementation and allocation

We prepare and equip for the project (Complete Configuration), Customization and Data Migration.

Training and consultancy services

We train your staff with the program's training experts to use it within your business.

First Class Technical Support

Peerless provides 24/7 support to our customers.

Odoo Hosting Services

The provider of various cloud hosting services depending on the requirements and size of the business and its management, including dedicated hosting services.

It is used daily by more than 7 million users in more than 120 countries.

Portuguese Government

General Directorate of School management

Instead of dealing with a lot of different tools and platforms, Odoo gave us everything we needed in one system; This platform has also proven to be much faster than most custom apps.

Giovanni Varisetli


Odoo helped us manage production operations and increase it without doubling the number of people working in the office, and Odoo enabled us to better structure the company, helping us at Elton Group to grow the business.

Matthew Bohe

Marketing and Information Technology Manager

We use Odoo in almost every aspect of our business management - customer relationship management, warehouse management, all management related to sales, procurement and all maintenance work.

Scott Young


Frew Process Group used a number of non-integrated software and caused unnecessary expenses. We wanted a flexible system that can handle our normal ERP needs, so Odoo gave us the system we needed and the flexibility to expand.

Victor Nalen


While maintaining the same number of employees, we increased our revenue by 20% thanks to the features and features Odoo ERP has given us.